I am a local resident of Caledon, Ontario and have been pursuing my interest in woodturning for several years.  I produce a wide range of items from the lathe, some of it commissioned by clients, some of which is sold at juried art and craft events and some of which is displayed and sold at commercial retail businesses.  I happily accept commissions and encourage those who have an interest to visit my workshop in order to help select what it is they want (e.g. material, size, shape, etc).  I generally have a good selection of both finished and part turned products from which to choose.

I am limited in the amount of work I am able to produce and, as such, have tended to avoid over committing myself to public art sale events.  Over the past years I have been privileged to earn selection at a variety of art shows including the Kingsway-Lambton and Lawrence Park Community art shows, the Oakville Art Society’s Art in the Park, the Cabbagetown Art Show, the Headwaters Arts Festival and the Made of Wood Show at the Dufferin County Museum & Archive. 

All my work is produced from fallen timber and no tree (or branch) has ever been felled with the specific objective of providing me with material.  All functional pieces, such as bowls, are food safe and require minimal care to keep them clean and in good condition.  Each item is subjected to several coats of a special mix of finishing oils with the application of each coat preceded by thorough scouring of all surfaces using a very fine abrasive.

If you are interested in finding out more about my work and upcoming events at which I am scheduled to appear, please check out the following pages where you will also find my contact details.